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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Bright Debt Solutions?

Bright Debt Solutions is an independently owned debt specialist website created to help users of all backgrounds and situations to find and receive expert help in managing, or in some cases writing off, their debts.

    What do I have to do?

All you need to do is provide us with a few key pieces of information about yourself and your existing debts. Our specialist partner will then get in touch with you by phone to discuss what options you have.

    Is Bright Debt Solutions free to use?

Yes. The Bright Debt Solutions website is completely free to use. There is no charge for the call you will receive, and there is no obligation for you to accept any of the options, products or services the debt specialists give you to help with your debt issues.

    How long will I need to wait to know if I qualify?

Bright Debt Solutions can put you in touch with a debt specialist within minutes of completing our form, so any waiting time will be as short as possible. Please bear in mind that you will only be called during office hours. These are Monday to Thursday 09:00-20:00 and Fridays 09:00-17:00.

    How much debt could I write off?

In some cases, and with some debt solutions, up to 80% of debts can be written off. The amount that can be written off will depend on your circumstances, income, assets and the current write-off policy of your creditors. Levels between 25% and 80% are realistic, depending on your ability to repay.

    Do I qualify for an IVA?

Whether you qualify for an IVA or one of many other debt solutions available depends on a number of things such as your income, assets, expenditure and your personal circumstances. The easiest way to find out if you qualify is by submitting a quote request via our results form on the right side of this page. A specialist will then phone you to let you know what debt solutions you qualify for.